ASHUTOSH MARINE PVT. LTD is committed to supply highly skilled Riding Squad Team on request for repair onboard vessel and in shipyard worldwide.

Our achievement is a cost effective and efficient ship management service of international standard and we provide a diversity of skilled labor at competitive rates around the world primarily from China, Guyana, India, Bulgaria, Poland, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore and Ukraine.

Our Tradesmen are skilled in steel fabrication, pipeline and overhauling of main engine, aux engine, pumps, diesel generators, hydraulic systems, boiler, condensers, cargo and blast;

Our Teams Include:

  • Coded fitter welders and platters
  • Fabricators and pipe fitters
  • Mechanical fitters and turners
  • Sheet metal workers and insulators
  • Blasters; grit and Ultra-High-Pressure
  • Riggers and scaffolders
  • Tank and general cleaners
  • Painters, airless spray and brush
  • Carpenters
  • Cabinet makers and craftsmen
  • Furnishers and upholsterers
  • Tile fitters and carpet fitters
  • Plumbers

Our Riding Team repair service provides a diversity of skilled labor at daily rates or on a turnkey basis around the world to perform:

  • Automation
  • T/C overhaul
  • Engine overhauls
  • Crankshaft Renewal
  • Anode renewal in tanks.
  • Ballast tanks upgrading.
  • Boiler re-tubing and repairs
  • Renewal of all types of pipes.
  • Engine room cleaning and painting.
  • Tank heating coils, manufacturing and installing.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness measurements all class approved
  • Simple mucking out of double bottom tanks – cargo tanks.
  • Steel work preparation for coating – gel coats or epoxy paints.
  • Renewal of steel in ballast & cargo tanks, holds, decks and engine room.
  • De-scaling of steel – corrosion control – grit blasting to require SA, mechanical de–scale, hand scraping.
  • Range of coating systems recommended for surface preparation and environment to provide optimum life protection in accordance with owners or manufacturers requirements. Coats by brush or airless spray.

We make all the arrangements, are very flexible and can supply at short notice. All our teams are carefully vetted, are hard working and include an English speaking foreman. Our Riding Squad is equipped with STCW 2010, CDC, valid passport and trade certificates with immense experience.